Welcome to Trading Temple!

In here we are ready to help you on your quest to become a profitable trader. We do this by providing you with a friendly trading community, writing informative blogs, using our free tools and our premium indicator(s). What makes us unique?

We have a wide array of services all under the banner of the Trading Temple.

Our main focus is on trading higher timeframes and trends.

Trading style is more responsive than predictive, resulting in a relaxed environment for beginning traders.

With our roots in education, we are able to provide an excellent explanation on almost any question.

Founders are both working on self improvement, we practice what  we preach.

We have families as well, thus we want trading to work for us and not the other  way around, time-efficiency is key.



‘Trading Temple Trend Tracker’ gives you the power to enter and exit trends quickly and easily!
Unleash the full power of your trading potential, remove emotions for easier profits.

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Through my resources and content I wish to help you on your journey. I want you to be a profitable trader, for I am convinced that it should be a skill learned by everyone.


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I firmly believe that teaching someone else brings growth to both. Therefore, I use this platform to create and share content I wish I had during my journey to become a profitable trader.


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Changing your mindset is absolutely necessary to become a trader who doesn’t get consumed by it. To inspire you, I share personal examples of transforming different aspects of life.


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